Once again I have taken on another musical project. Not that I needed more, but sometimes when the good things come along in life, you grab those suckers! I have been playing bass and rehearsing with the band Dickie for the past month. Dick Prall has been a great friend and musical mentor in my […]

Happy Holidays, This is the quintessential moment in every year where we look back and think about all of our ups and groan about all of our downs. Some strange things were going on as always. There was some rumbling in our government (lots of rumbling) making people lose their grip. Hope we can find […]

Winter is coming and it isn’t coming fast enough…wait what? Yes, I am that guy that prefers the chill of the fall and winter seasons over the blistering heat the summer brings. I cherish the moments that allow me to sit inside and work on music and not feel the pressures of yearning to be […]

Every day somebody does something nice for another human being. Yesterday on my way to a gig, I had a tire blow out on the interstate. There I sit on the side of the road as vehicles screamed by. Some took notice and had the courtesy to slide over a small fraction to say “I […]