Playing bass for Dickie

Once again I have taken on another musical project. Not that I needed more, but sometimes when the good things come along in life, you grab those suckers! I have been playing bass and rehearsing with the band Dickie for the past month. Dick Prall has been a great friend and musical mentor in my pursuit for sonic bliss. I was honored when he asked me to be a part of his ensemble. We have discussed for many years (over whiskey filled nights) about collaborating musically, so I had no choice but to say “Why the hell not”. This spring and summer will be chock-full of musical experiences, creating new fans, and connecting with Dickie’s current fans.

Dick and Billy (Barton)…. they are some cool, talented cats that I now have the pleasure to perform with. If we are in a town near you, please come out and enjoy this fanfare. Check out the website,, for tour dates in your town!