2018 Fall Update

Winter is coming and it isn’t coming fast enough…wait what? Yes, I am that guy that prefers the chill of the fall and winter seasons over the blistering heat the summer brings. I cherish the moments that allow me to sit inside and work on music and not feel the pressures of yearning to be outside away from my passion. Even though the occasional trip to local ski slopes and road trips to Colorado may have to be made. Have to find time for some outdoorsy galavanting in.  I have been working on demos at my home studio with the high hopes of heading to a professional studio to surround myself with all sorts of creative chi. In November my goal is to have my original demos complete and pre-production well on the way. I have had a monkey on my back for many years now which derived from never having an album of my own. Help me please in making the rest of 2018 amazing and making 2019 the year for music to take over.

Peace, love and mindfulness